Wants to interior design of the house itself? It’s a source of inspiration

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You want to devote your personal taste in interior design of your home or desain interior rumah. Where did you start? What kind of design that represents your personality? Every designer needs a source of inspiration, as well as with you. Here’s some inspiration that you can use as a source of ideas interior renovation of your dream home.

1. Needs and constraints. The first thing you should consider in designing the interior are the needs and constraints. What will you do in the room to be designed? Who are the users? How spacious the room that can be filled furniture without interrupting the flow of circulation? Habits and family, privacy, and ideals of all determine the needs. Ask this question at the beginning, and found that these considerations can be the source of inspiration. For example, a small room with a lot of needs that may inspire you to use a simple minimalist style, while the family room with a large wall surfaces may encourage you to try the interior like an art gallery desain interior.

2. Existing Condition. Like what room conditions you have now? How big? Do you want to be expanded? Where is the window? The existing condition of the room can also be a source of inspiration. The room size, the color and material of existing, and the position and size of windows or doors, can all be used as a reference (point of refference) you to start designing. Large windows with beautiful views might inspire you to adapt the style of natural or scientific, terrazzo flooring material that you thought outdated it could be a source of inspiration in an eclectic style, vintage or retro.

3. Themes and styles (style). Surely you are familiar with terms such as; modern minimalist, simple modern, art deco, classical, neo-classical, eclectic and so forth. Forces or the design flow can be adaptation. Remember, each style has a history and philosophy of each, matching the theme or philosophy that you want to accomplish. The style is not obligatory completely adapted, mixture or incorporation is possible as long as it is based on the same philosophy. For example, you want to use a touch of classic style decorative accents in a room with a minimalist style, could be as long as the accent does not make the philosophy of simplicity that carried the minimalist style is lost.

4. Nature. Nature around us is an endless source of inspiration. Atmosphere villa in the mountains, or a seaside cottage can all inspire you. Or directly bring nature into your home room in the form of decorative accents or plant life. Green theme with recycled material or recycle your also a tribute to nature.

5. Tradition and culture. Inspiration may be close to your daily life is your native culture and tradition. Local weaving or batik, craft your home area, or simply traditional motifs and colors, all can be adapted to the interior design.

6. Environment / urban. If you are not a fan of nature, perhaps the atmosphere of urban life is a source of inspiration. Industrial style, the city lights on at night, car, metropolitan lifestyle, all ready to be extracted as a source of inspiration.

7. Art. Architecture, painting, sculpture and sculpture, graphic design, all kinds of visual art can you make the source of inspiration. Make a sculpture or a painting dominant as an orientation center for your room, or make your house your collection of works of art galleries.

8. The color and motif. You love a certain color or motif? Make the color theme of the interior of your home. Or if you personally loved the diversity of themes make your interior color.

9. Hobby. Hobby or avocation is also a source of inspiration that you can explore. You’re crazy about football or basketball? Why not make your house like a football field, or parquet floors like a basketball court? Hobbies music or movies? More and more that you can make your interior inspiration.

10. Out of the box. Do not be afraid to experiment, your personality must appear on the interior design of your work. The source of inspiration is limitless, can come from anything. Music, poetry and poetry, religion, or even a childhood memory best seo services. Open magazine, are navigating the virtual world, open your horizons to find the source of inspiration interior of a dream home.

The interior design of the house is one element of the house to your own design. So many things can be used as a source of inspiration to design. Some other things to remember when designing is do not forget about budgeting. All design decisions that you take effect on the budget, prepare a budget plan in addition to the design of the interior before renovation in order to keep the budget under control. Then, do not forget that the spaces in the house are not used alone, but there are others, family members, or your invited guests. Consider input from other parties in order to keep the room comfortable to use together. Hopefully you can find a source of inspiration that can be utilized to read this article.

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