Know How to make the Floor Deck

Floor Deck

Increased home require the creation of a new roof slab or concrete which is popular with the term makes no concrete or ‘Floor Deck’ membuat dak. Maybe ‘roof floor’ do you think is a tough job, troublesome and costly, but not necessarily the case. In this article we would like to share information on various types of concrete, complete with advantages and disadvantages.

1. Conventional Concrete Floor Deck. Floor Deck or a slab of concrete that are standard in the construction of houses, Floor Deck made by conventional means. Floor Deck is made of reinforced concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, gravel concrete with reinforcement of metal strung together. Before Floor Deck concrete mixture must be subjected to manufacture formwork (formwork) or printed from plates to be created, then followed iron steel that is the concatenation iron plate frame, then the concrete mix can be prepared and poured over the formwork are already equipped frame. Once casting is complete, the formwork can be removed after 4-21 days depending on the size of the no.

Conventional Concrete Floor Deck still the choice of many people in building a house, and this is because conventional concrete adaptable to various forms of house plans, and materials are relatively easy to obtain. Disadvantages of conventional concrete is relatively long installation time, the use of large amounts of material (sand, gravel, cement, wood and iron), high cost, and waste wood or bamboo ex formwork.

2. Roof floor Concrete or Floor Deck. Variations of conventional concrete that is currently widely used is concrete with floor deck, or better known as bondeck. Bondek is a substitute for wooden boards or plywood is used as a formwork, bondeck made of steel with a thickness of 0.6 to 1 mm and a width of 80-100 cm. The advantage of using bondeck is the material savings; First, bondeck made of iron and designed to replace the bottom plate reinforcement (conventional concrete using 2 layers of webbing / iron reinforcement). Second, the profile shape like the letter ‘W’ concrete was reduced material usage by up to 30%. And because the material is stronger than plywood, then bondeck not require as much support poles plywood formwork. Prices were relatively expensive to make many people hesitant to use bondeck, when compared to the time and number of personnel required during installation bondeck not necessarily more expensive than conventional concrete. Another plus, see bondeck has its own advantages when exposed bangun rumah.

3. Concrete Floor Panel. The floor panel is an alternative material Floor Deck who recently appeared on the market, raw materials derived from aerated lightweight concrete is commonly used for light brick. The floor panel is printed at the plant with iron reinforcement in it, has the size of a thick 125-200 mm, width of 600mm and lengths of up to 6m. The installation is pretty laid decker on blocks wall of the house, then filled with cement / grout in the joints. The floor panel eliminates the need for formwork, and reduce the amount of iron and cement. Disadvantages of this floor panel is the time of booking or at the fabrication plant is relatively long (up to one month if stock is not available at the factory) and the module is less flexible for house plans that are not square, many of the curve, or a curved wall.

4. Ceramic Composite Concrete (Keraton / Ceiling Brick). This material has principles such as panel mounting concrete floors, but each module is composed of a ceramic brick size of 25x20x10 cm were prepared with iron reinforcement in the middle. Palace modules fabricated in advance in the field, after the new so beams arranged on the wall like a concrete floor panels. Keraton has all the hallmarks panel concrete floor, which does not require formwork, saving concrete material (sand, cement, gravel and water) to 30%, has the ability to reduce heat and noise for a cavity in the material of tiles and has a relatively light weight so friendly to the structure , In addition, the pair palace also has a unique appearance if exposed. Disadvantages of the floor panel can not be perforated palace was once attached, for example for installation, because ceramic material will break so not recommended for use in wet areas such as bathrooms.

Make no concrete or ‘Floor Deck’ is the indispensable part of building a house. Now many alternatives are available with various advantages and disadvantages. We hope this short article you will be able to open the horizon of concrete choice available in the market. Discuss with your contractor about the best choices for your dream home.