About Us

The rapid growth of occupancy in Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi making role for the Contractor. Ie professional contractor who can provide solutions, not just building a house or renovating a home, but also provide other solutions such as mortgages

Lebron13.in.net born to help Employee / Professional / Entrepreneur:
Do not have an architect or home design reference competent
Do not understand the calculation of the RAB in building a house
Busy working so no time to monitor the development work
Far between locations will be built with the current residence
Difficulties filed a mortgage loan to the Bank

The obstacles we formulated in a system. Simply log into www.mitrarenov.com/login all the problems up and renovation of the house becomes easy.

This is according to our motto CHEAPEST: Reliable, Easy, Guaranteed, and Prizes

Many clients are satisfied with giving testimony, to further convince you please come to our office were comfortable in the world or Search via google maps with the keyword “lebron13.in.net”

You never imagined? Never come to the site to check the construction progress but the house can be finished in accordance with your wishes?
It Can Be? Yes you can, check the progress of the construction and renovation of your home via gadgets anytime and anywhere

If you want to know the work of quality or not, the answer is to check whether your contractor provide material warranty.